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Jewish Federation of Lane County 

Social Services Coordinator Job Announcement 

December 2023 


The Jewish Federation of Lane County (JFLC) Social Services Coordinator provides client assistance services to families and individuals at all stages of life. The Social Services Coordinator conducts client intakes and need assessments followed by referral and coordination of services in the community. The focus of the work of the Social Services Coordinator is case management and connection to resources; it does not include formal therapy or crisis services. The Social Services Coordinator is supervised by the Executive Director for administrative matters and the Social Services Committee for clinical and program matters.  


Organization Overview: 

The mission of the Jewish Federation of Lane County is to support caring, safe, inclusive, and enduring Jewish Communities. Our priorities are: 

  • Caring for Jews in need through the social services program;  

  • Ensuring the Jewish future through PJ Library, Oral History Project, scholarships for camp and leadership opportunities; 

  • Engaging and mobilizing our community through Mitzvah Day projects, mini-mitzvah moments, and collaboration with the Jewish Community Relations Council

Social Services Coordinator Primary Responsibilities: 

  • Conduct intake assessments to assist in identifying client needs and make referral(s) to appropriate resources, collaborating as needed 

  • Refer clients to appropriate community medical, emotional, economic, and social support organizations 

  • Advocate and assist clients to obtain necessary services 

  • Connect with community members who may be at risk for a variety of reasons (heat/cold, isolation, air quality) 

  • Allocate funds for emergency expenditures within program budget 

  • Maintain appropriate confidential record keeping including a record for each client and emergency expenditures. All paper documents will be secured at the Jewish Federation office per social work standards and/or through secure online platforms.  

  • Prepare reports and other written materials including monthly activity reports to the Board, monthly timesheet, and mileage expenses 

  • Maintain an awareness of and communicate unmet community needs 

  • Develop supportive community programming in conjunction with the Social Services Committee 

  • Meet regularly with the Social Services Committee 

  • Manage the JFLC voicemail and forward messages appropriately  

  • Other duties as agreed on with the Board 


 Minimum Requirements:  

  • Master's degree in social work or equivalent field preferred with at least two years of experience.  

  • Bachelor's degree in social work or related field, plus extensive training and five years of experience will be considered. 

  • Proof of COVID vaccination  

 Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: 

  • Knowledge of the principles, practices, and ethics of social work  

  • Knowledge of assessment and case management techniques  

  • Knowledge of Jewish culture, values, and traditions. 

  • Knowledge of social service and health care programs and services within the community. 

  • Knowledge of rules and procedures for maintaining confidentiality 

  • Knowledge of basic technology and client record keeping 

  • Ability to work independently within the parameters of the Jewish Federation 


Application Guidelines/Contact: 
To apply for the position of JFLC Social Services Coordinator, please submit the following: 

  • Resumé 

  • Cover Letter indicating your qualifications for the position, relationship to the Jewish community and knowledge of Jewish culture. 

  • Three references: Name and preferred method of contact (i.e., email, phone) 

Please submit your application via this Google Form .



For full consideration, applications must be submitted by December 29, 2023. 


The position will remain open until it is filled.  All applications will be kept confidential by the Search Committee.  


JFLC is an at-will employer. 

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