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PJ Library

Jewish Bedtime Stories & Songs

You're going to love PJ Library in Eugene! If you love cuddling with your kid(s) and reading together, this is perfect for you. Children get excited seeing the PJ Library envelope with their name each month in the mail, and families treasure the quality time shared together around the PJ stories & music.

You’ll get a FREE Jewish children’s book every month! The books are about Jewish holidays, folk tales, and values like being kind to others. They’re kid tested, age appropriate and beautifully illustrated! You’ll love them as much as your kids do.


PJ Library is about more than just the books. Throughout the year we gather for special programs where you and your kids can meet new friends, celebrate Jewish holidays and have fun! Our emails and Facebook page keep you in the know about local Jewish happenings and broader issues for Jewish parenting.

PJ is for ANY family raising Jewish children: affiliated, unaffiliated, interfaith or non-traditional.

PJ Library is a program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, made possible through partnerships with philanthropists, The Oregon Jewish Community Foundation, and BB Camp.

Sign up today and tell your friends! We’re here to provide connections for young families like yours in the Eugene-Springfield Jewish community. All families raising Jewish children from six months through eight years of age are welcome to sign up! To sign up visit PJ Library.


PJ Our Way

We also provide books to children ages 9, 10 and 11. The PJ Our Way Program allows children to select books themselves from a variety of choices. To sign up visit

For more information please email our PJ Library Coordinator, Becca Marx

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